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It’s surprisingly jarring having to go back to Obj-C, after just a few weeks noodling with Swift.


Now that I’m not working on it anymore, I suppose it’s just possible that I don’t need quite so many copies of Sketch…

I can officially announce that today is “admin Monday” at Chaos towers.

Apologies to those who were under the impression that it’s Thursday today. We’re a little behind schedule…

Ever since the “end” of the Cold War, Britain has been courting Russian money, and turning a blind eye to exactly where it came from. Awkward.

It’s almost as if they didn’t think this one through…

Tillerson: Russia you’ve been a naughty boy. Trump: Tillerson you’ve been a naughty boy. Mueller: guess what?

I really like docopt as a solution for parsing command line arguments.

It turns out there’s a swift port. \o/ Which didn’t build on Linux :(

After hitting it a bit with a big hammer, it hopefully does now \o/.…

So am I doing wudang style cloud hands, chen style cloud hands, or yang style cloud hands?

head explodes

Ah well, that simplifies things…


Building On Swift…

(I’ve been tinkering again…)

Working At Google…

(via Michael Tsai)

It’s time people faced reality. The ship is rudderless. The politicians are in denial. What scant evidence there is suggests that Brexit will be a no deal, no transition car crash.

Today’s rabbit-holes. Ninja, llbuild, the Clang block implementation specification.

Brain full.

Onboard people, not technology…

(via Iain - ta!)

I’ve been having fun hacking about with the Swift package manager, trying to make it a bit more, erm, useful. Maybe? Not sure.

Blog post to follow at some point, but for a preview there’s always github.

When a British person writes this in Swift, they can’t help but snigger:

public convenience init() { … }

Congrats to all the gang on the release of Sketch 49. Now with added prototyping (and lots of other cool stuff)!…

“It is an absolute masterclass in moral and intellectual inadequacy.“…

(via @alblue)

It’s cold here today, but I have a cunning plan. I’m building Swift from source - that should warm things up a bit…

Didn’t mean to alarm anyone with that previous blog post - I’m fine thanks :)

Just a bit of catharsis…

Ah well, there’s always gin.

Happy weekend people :)

Decoding Dictionaries in Swift

I seem to spend at least half of my programming life transferring values between an object or structure and some sort of dictionary format.

Decoding Dictionaries in Swift