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“It is an absolute masterclass in moral and intellectual inadequacy.“…

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It’s cold here today, but I have a cunning plan. I’m building Swift from source - that should warm things up a bit…

Didn’t mean to alarm anyone with that previous blog post - I’m fine thanks :)

Just a bit of catharsis…

Ah well, there’s always gin.

Happy weekend people :)

Decoding Dictionaries in Swift

I seem to spend at least half of my programming life transferring values between an object or structure and some sort of dictionary format.

Decoding Dictionaries in Swift

I spent a bit of time over the last couple of days looking into the options for Swift without Xcode, aka Swift on Linux.…


“We have a whole load of practices in programming that only really work well if you’re already good at whatever the process is supposed to help with.”…

Interesting thread. Bloody awful medium to have it in……

Trustpilot is hilarious. Seems to be alternating one-star and five-star reviews. “These guys are great!”. “These guys are crooks!”.

This helps how, exactly?

Anyone have any domain registrar recommendations? Feels like there are probably a lot of cowboys out there.

I use a couple of services currently (freeparking and, and their prices seem to vary wildly, though both seem to use the same underlying system. Not totally convinced by either!

I expect you’re wondering what I’ve been up to. I don’t blame you, I’ve been wondering too.

Dev Diary - Playing with FIDO U2F.

White stuff again.

White stuff again.

Just bought a download copy of The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. Down with the kids, me. #carolinewillbedelighted #sureihaditonvinylonce

Have to say, for open source projects, I’m really impressed with Not having to manage a bunch of Jenkins machines is awesome.

Shame it’s quite so pricey for private stuff - I can’t justify it for prototype products with no revenue stream…

Pondering Platforms

@gruber damn, got Eddy bloody Grant going round in my head now…

@gruber about 2 miles down the road :)

@samdeane @abizern not a problem - another night…

@chwalters @Abizern Would be happy to leave DeHems for another day if that’s better - I’ll be knackered & sweaty after footy!